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POSTED 2018/06/04

World Cup Winners of Delush Wine

Only a few days now, and the world is going to stand still for the FIFA Soccer World Cup, which this year is held in Russia!

Unfortunately South Africa will not be participating as our boys did not make it to the finals, but as we all know the whole country will be watching the matches played during this month-long tournament that kicks-off on 14 June.

Because watching soccer is a social event, we predict that thousands of people will be having a glass or three of Delush wine on hand to provide refreshment.

Not only to add to the merry sporting atmosphere, but because you can get quite thirsty sitting in a restaurant, bar, tavern or your own lounge for three matches in a row.

Just as everyone has their own favourite Delush wine, so we all have our favourite soccer stars. So which Delush fan cheers which soccer hero?

Delush Natural Sweet White Wine for cheering on Lionel Messi!

Delush Natural Sweet White Wine could be seen as the drink of choice for those cheering on Lionel Messi, who will be hoping to win the World Cup for Argentina. The Barcelona superstar has never won a World Cup while playing for his country of birth, and victory this year will cap the career of one of the best strikers ever.

Like Delush White, Messi adds fresh zip and life to any occasion!

He is always on the move, popping up at the right occasion to round-off a move with another scintillating goal. And if the ball is not coming to him he will hunt it down with the same enthusiasm as a wine-lover heads for the Delush White wine-shelf on pay-day.

Delush Natural Sweet Rosé wine, the biggest fan of Marcelo, the majestic Brazilian mid-fielder!

You can’t think of the World Cup without thinking about Brazil. The samba boys always put on the magic, not only with their skills on the pitch but with the style and showmanship they display in kicking the ball around. A lover of Delush Natural Sweet Rosé wine has just got to be a fan of Marcelo, the majestic Brazilian mid-fielder. And we are not only talking of Marcelo’s hairdo which is just as stylish as the one shown by the lady on our Delush wine label.

Marcelo’s style of playing soccer – especially his passing – is sweet and natural!

He moves with the grace and ease at which a glass of Delush Rosé flows around the palate, finishing with a score and then getting ready to go again. Cheers, Marcelo!

And can we think of Moses without thinking about Delush Natural Sweet Red Wine?

Africa’s hopes for victory at World Cup 2018 rest on the broad shoulders of Nigeria, and here Victor Moses will be playing a massive role. And can we think of Moses without thinking about Delush Natural Sweet Red Wine?

His brooding looks might be as deep as the flavours of our favourite red wine!

But once Moses starts playing and the Delush Red Wine flavours start talking, it is nothing but a joy to watch and a joy to taste. With a glass of this wine, you are – like Moses – ready to tackle anything. And when it comes to finishing the move, Delush Red finds the sweet-spot just as readily as Moses finds the back of the net.

So what are we waiting for – we’ve got the Delush wine. We’ve got the players….all we need now is for the World Cup to start!</h2

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