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POSTED 2019/04/04

Winter is Coming!

Unfortunately summer is gone and autumn is in full swing, with the nights getting colder and colder. But, just because winter is nearly here doesn’t mean you should let the shorter days get you down, there are plenty of good things about the winter months!

There’s something to said about pulling on a big coat, a gorgeous scarf, and some warm socks! Make sure to clean out your summer closet and check that you’re prepared for when winter really arrives!

1. Wrapping Up Warm

2. No More Salads

Winter is a time for warming food, and we love having the excuse to cook up hearty stews, soups, and spicy curries to keep us warm in the evenings!

3. Indoors Time

While we love getting outside and exploring beautiful places while the sun is shining, there is plenty to do when the weather isn’t so great. Look out for new restaurants (hopefully with a fireplace!), art exhibits, or new movie releases and enjoy spending some time inside for once!

4. Put Away the Ice

Nothing says winter like a glass of red wine, and we think our Delush Red is the perfect pairing for the crisp winter chill! It’s fruity and fresh, and will warm you up while you wait for sun to come back

Turn it on this winter with DELUSH – Tag us with your favourite things about winter on our social media! @DelushWines  

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