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POSTED 2019/02/05

Why Wine Will Always Beat Beer!

The question of wine or beer is one that divides many friend groups, but we think that there is an easy way to solve the argument. We at DELUSH think that wine is always the better choice, no matter what the occasion. Here is why we think that wine will always beat beer:

1. Beat the Bloat

We all know that beer can leave you feeling a little too full after a pint or two. Keep room for food and feel better by choosing wine instead.

But why wine?

2. Spoilt for Choice

No matter if it’s can or bottle, beer is just beer. On the other hand, wine caters for every need! Red, white, rosé, or sparkling, sweet or dry, it’s all there for the choosing!

3. Light the Candles

Beer falls flat when it comes to bringing the romance, but a glass (or bottle) of wine shared over a candlelit dinner is a winner every time!

4. Keep it Flowing

Going out for just one beer can lead to the end of conversation fast, whereas a bottle of wine implies a conversation and hopefully a long, and lovely, evening.

5. Mix It Up

The best part of wine is that it does not have to just be for drinking as it is! You can use it to make cocktails, sangria, or pair it with your favourite dishes. Take a look at our Recipes page for inspiration about what to do with your favourite bottle of DELUSH!

Do you agree that wine is better than beer? What would you add to our list?

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