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POSTED 2019/08/21

Why we are excited about Spring

Can you believe that spring is almost here? It feels like only yesterday that we were stocking up on red wine and scarves, and now the afternoons are getting warmer by the day! But, we are not complaining! Spring is one of our favourite times of the year and we love making the most of the gorgeous weather that South African spring has to offer. So, this is what we are looking forward to this spring!

Perfect Temperatures

There is something about springtime weather that is undeniably perfect! Though the mornings might be crisp and cold, the days quickly become beautifully sunny and warm. It’s time to unpack the summer clothes and enjoy the weather without the worry of overheating!

Bloom and Grow

As the flowers begin to grow once again and the sun shines longer and brighter, we cannot wait to enjoy long lunches outside under the blossoms surrounded by several glasses of DELUSH!

Spring Cleaning

Springtime is not just about new flowers and baby animals, it is also a time for shaking out the sheets and refreshing your life. We love to reorganise our wardrobe, replace old makeup, buy some new bed sheets, and make sure that our stock of DELUSH Rosé is replenished!

Fresh and Fruity

Hotter days means moving away from hearty stews in favour of fresh salads, fruity ice lollies, and easy snacks! If you need some inspiration, we have some super easy recipes for spring on our Recipes page.

Cocktail Delights

Speaking of recipes, we also have some amazing cocktail ideas using our own DELUSH wines! Springtime is the perfect time to host a cocktail party in the garden and enjoy the gorgeous weather with your friends.

Lighter and Brighter

Overall, everything in springtime is a brighter experience; the butterflies and birds have returned to our gardens, bulky winter jackets are replaced by light coats, and red wine in the evenings turns into rosé in the afternoon!

What are you looking forward to this spring? Let us know by tagging us on social media @DELUSHWINES!

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