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POSTED 2019/06/12

Why we appreciate our fathers

We have looked at why we love our mothers so much, and now it’s time to take a moment and look at why we appreciate our fathers! Our fathers are extremely important, and we thought that we would take the time to look at why they hold a special place in our hearts.

Held you up from the beginning

Dads are the ones who are there for us from the very beginning and help us learn how to walk on your own two feet. They taught us how to ride a bike and held us upright when the training wheels came off. They let us explore our adventurous side and helped us climb trees, play in the dirt, splash around in the river, and run freely wherever we could. Dads are also the ones who helped dust us down when we fell over and patched us up so that we could start all over again.

Fix what is broken

Your father is the one who knows how to do important things and can help us fix the things that break. They remind us to check our oil, teach us how to change a tyre and a lightbulb and can help us understand how taxes actually work (maybe!). Dads teach us to work hard and be independent and help us be stronger people when we grow up!

Teach you where you went wrong

Fathers teach us to be responsible and work hard for ourselves, and they are not afraid to let us know when we do something wrong. They teach us that it is okay to make mistakes and make sure that we know how to move past them. And most importantly, they show that we need to be able to laugh at ourselves when things go badly!

Understand the hard stuff

Our dads make sure that we know how the real world works. They are the ones who teach us to treat every person in the same way, and how important it is to take care of our families and friends.

Support you no matter what

Most importantly, our fathers will always be there to support us through everything, good and bad. No matter what happens in our lives, they can always offer us the best wisdom and will forever be our number one supporter.

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