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POSTED 2019/02/27

Turn it on the for the Last Days of Summer

This year is flying by, and even though February is the shortest month it really seemed to disappear before our eyes! It might not feel like it yet, but these hot summer days are not going to be with us for too much longer. Now, this got us thinking about what to do in order to make the most out of these last beautiful sunny days. 

1. Get Outside

Whether it’s walking through the botanical gardens, taking a hike up the mountain, organising a picnic in a beautiful park, or just relaxing in the garden with a glass of DELUSH, take advantage of the beautiful weather. 

2. Play Tourist for a Day

Now that schools are well under way, and things have calmed down, why not spend a day being a tourist in your own city? You might always avoid the busy tourist attractions during season, but when they’re quiet you’ll have the place to yourself! 

3. Try Something New

Visit a new restaurant, or try a tasting at a wine farm you have not been to before. Try and find a place with a view of the late sunsets and simply relax!

4. Go to an Outdoor Event

Find an outdoor concert, movie, or festival near you and soak up the atmosphere! 

 5. Cook Something Tasty

Before the winter chill sets in, get creative with a dish you haven’t tried before. If you need some inspiration, visit our RECIPES page for ideas. We think that the Crispy Prawn Skewers are the perfect thing for a warm evening.

6. Put One on Ice!

Now, DELUSH perfectly pairs with every occasion, and every season, but there is something to be said about a cold glass of wine on a hot day! Stock up on a few bottles, and make sure that every evening is a good one.

Is there anything else you would add? Let us know on social media and tag us @DelushWines – and enjoy these last days of summer!  

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