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POSTED 2018/02/20

Tshepi’s Fearless Food Day in Jozi

Crave, indulge and share!

When we talk about a typical Joburg Saturday we cannot help talking about the food, the drinks, the vibes and, of course, the fashion! All these are married to a Joburg Weekend.

“It is so typical of me to have my wig off wanting to be part of this culture, this movement and weekend craze everyone posts about on Instagram.”

After a whole month-and-a-half of being on a strict, but unsuccessful eating plan, I decided I’m going all out this weekend. I’m going to eat as much as I can while trying to match my palate with foods that would pair perfectly with Delush Wines.

“The aim of my weekend was to keep the essence of what a Fearless Delush Tastemaker would do. Trying out new foods, sharing the food and having fun while doing it.”

I started at the Wing Republic situated in Braamfontien (where Pop Culture lives!) They are famous for their wings and it’s beautiful to see that the shop has turned from a simple stall at the market to a trendy little shop with so much flavour. So my diet went clearly out of the window!

“We tried out three of what we thought would be the best flavours to pair with each wine.”

First was parmesan and Garlic Buffalo wings which I hoped, because of the strong cheese and garlic flavours, would pair well with the Delush Natural Sweet Red, or so I thought. This pairing was neither here not there. I’m still not sure about it!
Next up, BBQ wings paired with the Delush Natural Sweet White as I feel with strong food flavours my palate is often overwhelmed and this was a great fit with the softness and gentleness of the Natural Sweet White.
And as for those Lemon Pepper Wings!!! I imagined having it with a Natural Sweet Rosé, simply because of the surprise of lemon in my mouth. I knew a Natural Rosé and the fruity watermelon taste would certainly go well with them wings, and it sure did!

“I felt guilty so I asked for a salad on the side haha – balance is key!”

What is a weekend in Joburg without walking the streets of Parkhurst , giving you an almost Capetonian feel. After spending two weeks in Cape Town I missed the Jozi streets and culture, so I decided to hit Paul’s Home-made Ice Cream spot on 4th street in Parkhurst for dessert. I orginally wanted some ice cream cake, but I’m a sucker and ended up going for the sugar cones!
Without going into detail, please try the Delush Natural Sweet White twenty minutes after you’ve had the Madagascan Vanilla and Banana Buttercake ice cream. Okay, maybe not something as sweet as the Banana Buttercake… it was a little too much for me. But the Vanilla… I would never lead you astray!

“And finally, nothing rounds off a day better than a beautifully chilled bottle of Delush Natural Sweet White wine!”

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