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POSTED 2018/04/25

Trend Report: Lesego’s take on 2018 Winter fashion trends

Lesego is another member of our 2017 Delush Diva Search Top 10 and rightly so. She believes in taking strides, taking risks and following your dreams. With her history in the fashion industry, who better to give us advice on our 2018 Winter wardrobes? Here are Lesego's tips:

Fashion trends have taken many interesting turns over the years and, although I’ve worked in fashion and trends for as long as I have, I usually and very often fight the urge to take them in all at once. We are fast approaching the dreaded winter chills and for me this usually comes with a slight “what am I gonna wear this season” panic. A trip around the streetstyle inspired Autumn/Winter 2018 runway shows however has again reassured me that “THERE ARE NO RULES!” Here’s my thoughts on some of Vogue’s 2018 forecasts…

1. Animal Instinct

Animal print is still very much a thing. This time it’s all print! Don’t be afraid to unleash a whole lot of your inner animal this winter.

Style tip: Mix and match your prints or add a pop of colour with makeup and accessories.

2. Coat on coat

Layering is always a winter necessity but according to the fashion streets you can take it up a notch this year. Go from ‘dresses and skirts over trousers’ to a ‘coat over a coat.’ No, this is not a typo- wearing a coat over another is an actual thing!

Style tip: Use different contrasting items like a coat and bomber jacket or two different colour schemes to add effect.

3. The little leather dress

We have come a long way from the time of the little black dress. We have worn it with colour, accessories and textures and now, we have the little leather dress.

Style tip: Play with colour or wear a leather jacket like I did. If all else fails, you’ll look like you own a Harley and that’s not a bad idea!

4. More Pleats Please

A pleat for all seasons is always a good buy and, according to Vogue, we see it making its return this season.

Style tip: Layer it up as best as you can with either a pair of statement tights or, if you are keen on the high fashion, a suit jacket and trousers… remember no rules!

5. Silver lining

Foil is in full effect. We’ve seen the silver trend in shoes and accessories over the years but never quite like this. My general fear has always been looking like the “tin man”, but now we can add a little or a lot to our #OOTD.

Style tip: Add a silver statement piece to your outfit or go on full effect head to toe…again no rules!

Follow Lesego Moeti on Instagram: segomoeti, on Twitter @segomoeti and her own blog, CATCHTOITYTOO!


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