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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Tumi Koloko

Health consultant by day and artist by night, Tumi Koloko has her heart set on becoming a Delush Diva.

“My day job is for a health insurance company, while my other hours are spent painting – especially portraits – and my goal is to become a world-renowned artist,” says Tumi. “In this, I think I can use the Delush Diva competition to help grow awareness of my name and my art, while for Delush Wines, it would afford them the opportunity to leverage off my brand.”

This B.Comm graduate says wine and art complement each other. “They are both art forms, and when I paint I always have a glass of wine on hand. I also like to drink wine when going out, and love the smoother, lighter taste of Delush – especially the Natural Sweet Rosé. It is so different, and so smooth compared to other wines that taste much stronger.

The fact that she sees herself different to an everyday artist makes her a candidate as a Delush Diva.

“I tend to do things my way and don’t conform. For example, as an artist I don’t have the general hippy, bohemian look. The way I brand myself and the goals I have set myself make me, I think, a candidate as a Delush Diva. I am my own person who wants to be recognised as a foremost painter with an own style and voice, and I am working hard at that.

“I am different to the everyday artist. I don’t dress like a hippy, don’t have the normal look. The way I brand myself and the goals I have set for myself make me an individual, subscribing to what the competition is about. I am my own person. I want to be a recognised, foremost painter. Working hard at defining that. Becoming a Delush Diva will definitely help and will be amazing.”


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