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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Siwelile Thusi

This proudly Zulu girl from Empangeni underscores the fact that if there is one thing the Delush Diva finalists share, it is diversity.

A qualified chartered accountant, Siwelile currently works in advertising as a creative strategist at FCB Africa, one of South Africa’s leading agencies. Oh, yes, and she is also a part-time photographer.
“I think we are born hybrids, persons with many talents. It is up to you to find your calling and chase it,” she says. “This is what I did, from accounting to a more creative endeavour. We are all blessed with a multitude of talents, just go and use the one that gives you the most satisfaction.”

What Siwelile likes about wine, is the narrative. “In South Africa, wine is definitely growing in popularity – especially in my demographic. Why? Because it is not so much about the wine itself as it is about the narrative and the stories behind the wine. We South Africans just love stories, and the different stories about all the different wines are most appealing and make wine so interesting.”

As a Delush Diva, Siwelile wants to empower by changing the narrative of what South African women can do in the country.

“I am here to tell the narrative, how this beautiful product is made. Not everyone knows that much about wine and as a Diva my job would be to fill the knowledge gap. Instilling knowledge is key in South African society. And here, for Delush, I have a lot to give in terms of creativity and business acumen as an ambassador where I can plug into their brand and they into mine.”

As they say in the classics, a beautiful friendship.


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