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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Kgomotso Carol Mofokeng

As a first year university student in awe of the older entrants in the competition, Kgonotso says her belief in herself led to her cracking the nod as one of the finalist Delush Divas.

“I put a lot of effort in styling my Instagram photograph and think that was what pulled me through,” she says. “But still it was a great big surprise to make the cut, as the other women are so beautiful!”
Kgomotso grew up in Heidelberg and is currently studying for a B.Comm degree at the University of Johannesburg. “My parents taught me about wine, and I love it,” she says. “I told my parents that the moment I turn 18 I am going to have a bottle of wine in the fridge, and that is where Delush now is! I like the natural sweetness of the wine and the fact it does not have the bitterness of other wines and that the alcohol is not too strong.”

As for her wishing to become a Delush Diva, Kgomotso says she has been called a diva since her schooldays, so it was natural to enter!

“Other kids were always calling me a diva because of my accent and my strong will. Since then I have been saying: accept me the way I am. I have a lot of friends today calling me a Drama Diva Queen because I like to say my say while respecting the will of others. If I win I would love to be exposed to a greater audience through a Radio YFM interview. And of course, the fashion shoot with True Love – I love taking pictures and having my picture taken.”



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