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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Thando Galebodiwe

One would have to say that in the Delush Diva Competition, Thando is in her element.

Being an activation and events manager as well as a social media manager for an entertainment company, the on-line, digital nature of the Delush campaign is right up her alley.

“It really means a lot to me being on of the ten finalists,” she says.

“What a special feeling to be not only part of an amazing brand such as Delush, but part of a proudly South African brand.”

Thando says she first encountered the bright, attractive packaging of Delush at Shoprite and came across the Delush page on Instagram. “I just had to try it, and it is such an amazingly approachable wine. Its uniquely smooth taste is what got me and I am a true believer now!”

Can she be a Delush Diva we can be proud of? “For sure! Not only am I a bubbly and fun person, a lot of my friends and associates know how much I love wine, so being a part of such an awesome brand will mean I have even more reason to introduce it to the masses and of course they will fall in love with it.”

And what is it about the final prize that has her licking her lips at the possibility of winning? “What appeals to me is knowing that this time around I will be an advocate for something that was made in our beautiful country and I will get to brag about a product I am a part of.“



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