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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Nokuzola Gomba

Bubbly and always smiling, Nokuzola’s job is to make other people look pretty.

And everything she has achieved, she has done by herself. This make-up artist is self-taught in her profession. With determination and obvious skill, Nokuzola used YouTube to teach herself the finer aspects of lipstick, eye-shadow and blush.

Today she does make-up for people working in some of South Africa’s biggest television productions, those participating in weddings, attending parties and simply anyone who wants to look better. “There is a growing market for make-up artists in the country,” she says. “South Africans are realising the importance of beautifying themselves and it is a great industry to be in – making people look better and feeling better about themselves, while using my set of skills and talents. All very rewarding.”

Being very aware of looks, Nokuloza loves the look of Delush. “The packaging is vibey, trendy and so feminine. It really stands out from the other products, which is very important in today’s times when we buy with our eyes,” she says. “And the wines are amazing! Smooth and light. And I love the way Delush can be mixed with energy drinks. It is fantastic seeing products that take us away from the norm by being cutting edge.”
What makes her a candidate as a Delush Diva?

“I consider myself a go-getter. I am vibey, tackle everything I do head-on and I don’t allow anything to stand in my way. Definitely outgoing and I just love life. I would love to win the True Love article and use it to promote my brand”


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