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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Linda Nirvana Rojohasina

It is about flavour for Linda, the only one of the Delush Diva finalists who is professionally involved in the culinary industry.

This private chef, trained at the prestigious HTA School for Culinary Arts in Johannesburg, whips up delicious meals and snacks for celebrities, dignitaries and high-society events. She specialises in cold kitchen – salads, cold meats – and pastries.

“I see myself as a bit of an artist. I love dressing the plate by making the food look pretty, as the plate is the canvas,” she says. “People who use my services get beautiful food, along with something that is delicious to eat. What is that saying, you eat with your eyes?”

And when not catering – a profession known for its mercilessly long hours – Linda loves the music side of life as a worship leader at Hillsong Churches. “I lived in Madagascar until I was seven years old, as my mother is from that country. She comes from a musical family, so I guess the apple did not fall far from the tree in my case.”

In her world in the kitchen, wine is obviously no stranger

“I love wine. As an accompaniment to food and something one can use in the kitchen. I am especially partial to white wines as these go well with my cold dishes, very popular in South Africa where we love our outdoor lifestyle. I am very excited about this new wine on the market, Delush, which goes well with al fresco eating. And being on the sweeter side, it is a perfect partner to my other speciality – pastries.”

How does she see herself as a Delush Diva? “I’m young, consider myself to be dynamic. I am here to change the game, also in my industry which is male dominated,” she says. “I want to show women you can have fun, should not take yourself too seriously and I am very much into inspiring women, helping them grow and empowering them.”

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