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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Lesego Moeti

Lesego looks down at herself and the fantastic dress she is wearing for the event. “There is a lot of creativity in this body!” she says.

This Diva is in the field of fashion, backed by a deceptively iron will. After studying fashion design, Lesego worked for various big retail brands, but was not that enamoured with the creative opportunities this line of employment provided.

“I went from a secure line of employment to working for myself in order to do what I think I can do best and what gives me the most personal fulfilment,” says Lesego. “I think this element of risk I have shown is one of the features that could make me a potential Delush Diva. Taking strides, taking risks, following your dreams. Believe in yourself and believe in your ability. I think that is what being a Diva is about, and my career path has reflected this.”

Then there is the mystery…. “That is me!” she says. “When you meet me, you see one person, but as you get to know me better, you find a lot of different layers.”
As far as wine goes, Lesego says wine helps maintain her femininity. “Like Delush, the first impressions of a woman is something sweet, but underlying the initial fruitiness, there is the strength that comes through.”
And what part of the Delush Diva prize is she looking forward to?

“The clothes! Love to buy those clothes. But would also be over the moon to be the subject of the True Love article giving me a chance to promote my brand.”


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