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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Heather Mokwebo

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and on the business radar of Heather Mokwebo.

This student in Business Administration is determined to graduate and start her own business, something that conforms to her wish to make a mark on everything she does. “That business will be centred on the beauty industry, and at this stage I am especially interested in make-up. I would like to transform women as this is an important part of empowerment.”

As a party girl and wine drinker, Heather has acquired a taste for Delush

“It has this sense of being something different and individual – characteristics with which I would definitely like to associate myself,” she says. “Me and many of my friends find wine a bit harsh and bitter, and this is not the case for Delush. It has opened myself to wine and what wine is about.”

With an eye for beauty, Heather also cannot help but enthuse on the packaging. “Most wine packaging is plain and does not appeal to the consumer looking for a bit of vibrancy in his or her life. Delush ticks the boxes, spot on.”
She loves the idea of the competition as it provides a platform for women. “We don’t have that many platforms with which to promote ourselves and with which to engage. I just love the whole way the competition was put together, the ‘in your element’ part capturing the originality of this wine promotion perfectly. And I’d love to win the clothes!”



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