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POSTED 2019/05/07

Thank you, mom

You made our hearts melt! Recently we asked you all to share why you appreciate your mothers, and we loved hearing what you had to say so much that we wanted to share a few of your comment!


Olga Skhasimbe 

I appreciate everything she does looking after our kid’s and taking care of 8 children’s all by herself, that is truly amazing she is indeed a super mum.

Ashley N Tarryn Debideen 

A mother is a very ordinary woman who never considers her own happiness in front of her kids. She always shows her interests in our every activity and laugh. She has a selfless soul and very kind heart full of lots of love and care. She is a woman with strong willpower who always teaches us of how to face the toughest challenges of the life. She always inspires us to achieve good things in our life by overcoming all the hardships of the life. She is the first teacher of everyone whom teachings are always proved to be precious and valuable all through the life.

Lulama Ndudula 

My mother raised da 5 of us as single mother. ” Thou She was a working mom but every day she still prepared dinner and made sure we were ready for the next day. She was the proof that women can do it all.” 

What a life lessons I have learned from mom. She’s my pillar when am up or down and best grandmother in da world. 

Lesley-Ann Van Schalkwyk 

My mum was always there for us, after school we had bread pudding waiting for us! She was a there to take us to church and nurture our faith! at 45 she went back to school and became a nurse aid and carer! She was there to help look after all the grand kids starting with my son and now she assists my grandfather who is sickly! She is a great example of overcoming life’s challenges and I love her stacks.

Cindy Janse van Vuuren

I am thanking my mother Anna-Marie Pretorius whole heartily for the biggest gift she ever gave me and that’s the gift of life I am thanking her for making me her child and being my mother

She has the strongest shoulders being able to take on the world’s problems and dealing with it with a smile on her face

She has the ability to love unconditionally even when her heart gets broken 100’s times.

She sets herself second to take care of her kids first, giving us all the love she can, caring for us like no one else would.

She had the strength of being able to grow life inside of her, enduring the pain of bringing a baby into this word and instantly love me and my sister with her life.

She has that special gift of being able to raise and understand us through everyday obstacles and guide us to the right path every day.

But most of all I was BLESSED with my mom who gave me the opportunity to do these things I do for my own kids. She’s an inspiration indeed!



I appreciate her resilience, and tenacity. Our father died when we were young, but she managed to put us through private school with her financial savvy. Not that he didn’t leave provisions, but she had to make it work. She’s been a rock, imbokodo and yet she’s gentle and kind to everyone. Fierce, but soft in the middle. I love her more than life itself.


I loved my mom she was everything to me the way she was so brave she was my hero loving person I was blessed to call her mom but now that she is gone she left me in capable hands of my older sister she like a mom to me she made us feel at home at her house she gave her a life to us I’m thankful of her she put us in school today I’m this woman because of her love. 


I appreciate her tenacity and willingness to help others whenever she can. She’s selfless and the most amazing care giver. As a single mom, she’s the pillar of my life… My second pair of hands, eyes and ears. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.


My grandmother who raised me as her own and will always be my Mom, we lost her last year September but what she instilled in me will always be appreciated! I will always be thankful to her for opening her heart and home to us…She taught me how to cook and bake and that’s something nobody can take away from me. She raised me to be the mother, sister, daughter and wife that I am today, this year Mother’s Day will be a bit difficult without her, but we will never forget her .



My mom is the strongest independent women I know. She went from being a single mom, working her ass off to make sure we had everything, to being a God loving, successful women. NOT A MAN IN SIGHT HELPED HER. I pray I can be at least half of what she is. 


My Mother is the Oprah of our community, she’s got a heart of gold. there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her kids and she loves everyone. 


As a kid I never understood why my mom was so hard on me, now I am so incredibly grateful for her tough love. She really made me a strong ass independent woman. 


My mother is a fighter, since growing up she was fighting for us, putting food on the table and offering shelter and educating us, I just love her. Even now at age 64, she is taking care of us, her children


My Mom is God fearing woman, Good hearted, loving, caring, She’s always there for us and She always go extra mile to make us happy, I would like to have some Mother Daughter moment with her sipping Delush wine 


As I’ve grown older, I’ve become aware of just how much she sacrificed for me over the years. I love my mom and I thank her for all she did and continue to do for me 

The love you all share for your mothers is incredibly touching – the bond of unconditional love is unbreakable. Thank you for sharing your stories with us this month, we loved hearing about the beautiful relationships you have with your mothers! Make sure to also show your appreciation to her in person this Mother’s Day. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, we have put together a little gift guide to make it super easy for you to show her how much you care (Link to gift guide). 

Remember to tag us on all our social media with @DelushWines – and maybe your stories will be featured next time! 

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