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POSTED 2019/11/06

Splashing Summer Essentials with Delush Wines

It is time for summer vibes! And it is one of our favourite times of the year since it oozes lounging next to the pool, spending the day at the beach, having weekend braais, catching up with friends, going to cocktail parties, and so much more.

Regardless of the occasion, there is always a few must-have items to create and share the best Instagram-able moments! We have listed a few items, but we would love to hear which items you would add to the list.

Bold colours

Though Delush brings some red, white and pink to your life, also think green, yellow and purple when it comes to your personal style! Your wardrobe should be as colourful and bold – just like your personality! Live life your way with bold prints and splashing colours. Whether it’s your bathing suit, beach towel, or even accessories.

Ambitious lifestyle

Ever scrolled through Instagram and wished that you had someone else’s lifestyle? We say, “go for it”. Buy a funky journal with exotic patterns, and as you “wine-down”, write a summary of what your ideal life looks like. Then break it down to create goals. This can include anything: from learning how to cook to, saving enough money to buy your parents a house. What are your goals? Tag us @DelushWines.

Independent choices

We are faced with hundreds of choices every day. Some are minor but some influence the course of your entire life. Choose to surround yourself with those who will help you reach your goals. And once you reach them, with whom do you celebrate these milestones? Go for that job interview. Enrol for the course. Upskill yourself. Spoil yourself with your favourite perfume. Take your mom out for lunch. Make choices which will get you closer to living your best life, starting now. And when the time arrives, celebrate with Delush Wines!

Sophisticated style

Sophistication doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s not reserved for a select few. Per definition, being sophisticated means having “a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture”. We are all for new experiences and learning new things. Therefore, do something you have never done before. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Read a book you’ve been always wanting to read. Each memory is part of the kaleidoscope which is your life. Make sure it’s a bold and colourful one. Celebrate life with Delush Wines!

So far, our DELUSHious splashing summer essentials kit contains bold beach towels and accessories, funky journals, supportive friends and family to share memories with, and all things new: restaurants, books, travelling, etc. What would you add to the splashing summer essentials kit? Tag us @DelushWines.

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