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POSTED 2018/07/02

Siwe Thusi talks about her experience as a Delush Diva

What a year it has been for Siwelile Thusi, winner of the first Delush Diva competition, which has now been rebranded as Delush Fearless Tastemakers.

“It is still surreal ,” says Siwelile, “and the ride of being a Delush Diva has been tremendous. I am so excited to see how the next bunch of ladies experience this amazing initiative, and I can only encourage as many as possible to enter.”


So what have the highlights of being the Delush Diva been?


“It actually began as the competition unfolded, and not the moment I was crowned ,” she says. “It all became real at the Top 10 lunch, which already made all ten finalists feel like winners. The way we were treated on the day was truly exceptional. It was such an amazing lunch venue and the chance for everyone there to essentially make nine new friends. It offered us the opportunity to learn more about one another and do things together, and from the group I made a few long-lasting friends I would have not had before. That in itself is a prize.”


And then Siwelile was awarded the title of Delush Diva and things changed forever.


“On a tangible level there was the limited range of wine with my image on the packaging, I mean wow! Who in there wildest dreams would have thought they would become a real part of a brand such as Delush wines,” she says. “The double-page article in True Love was truly awesome. To be written into the pages of a magazine with such heritage and bearing such as legacy. I actually have that article framed in my house and look forward to showing it to my kids someday.”

If there was one thing Siwelile has spoken of a lot, it is about the chance Delush gave her to develop her own brand.

“I loved working with the Delush team in rolling out this exciting new product in tandem with my own brand. And the team valued my input and opinions which made me feel as a part of the whole process.”





Why would she recommend people to enter the Fearless Tastemaker Competition?


“I think all of the above pretty much says it all! But girls, the competition puts you on a platform where you can do whatever you want with your personal brand. It allows you to be the best person that you can be and to be yourself as far as possible. This is what led me to entering, the fact that the competition wanted the Deslush Diva to be nothing other than herself. Just remain as authentic as possible, remain yourself, do not be scared to put forward your ideas, do not be scared to contribute to what you want to brand, be confident!”

“And you are going to love the wine!” 

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