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POSTED 2018/02/05

Presenting Tshepi – a Delush Fearless Tastemaker

Delush, South African’s newest coolest and most happening wine brand has teamed up with three Fearless Tastemakers. The trio of ladies are all leaders in their fields, not only being the hottest radio personalities but also trend-setters, fashion-leaders and now Fearless Tastemakers for the Delush range of delicious Natural Sweet White, Red and Rosé wine. Right, let’s meet Tshepi:

This Fearless Tastemaker is no stranger to the coolest, tastiest wine in South Africa. Tshepi was brand ambassador for Delush last year, and now the popular YFM dynamo joins Njabs and Ayanda to take the wine to the next level.

Tshepi sleeps and eats radio, but drinks Delush! Delush is a wine she got to know last year, especially since hosting the first Delush Diva Competition.

Out of the studio, life is equally frenetic – being a mover-and-shaker with whom everybody wants to party. But when she has some downtime, Tshepi admits to a new interest: “I love to find new places to dine,” she says. “My interest is not necessarily food but definitely finding new spaces is my favourite thing to do – If I’m not googling them, I’m inside them.”

And of course, what is dining out without Tshepi’s favourite Delush wine…

“Wine is a beautiful drink,” she says. “Strange enough and to the contrary, it’s a less complicated drink than some people make it out to be. Let’s face it, the barman definitely cannot get pouring a glass of Red, White or Rosé wrong.”

Having gotten to know the Delush range of wines, Tshepi is a true qualified Fearless Tastemaker. “Love Delush! It’s natural, I love the right amount of sweet and the right amount of alcohol. That is certainly the ideal drink for me as it’s not trying too hard.”

Since being launched last year, Delush has proved to be a leader in marketing and branding, the reason being – for Tshepi – a no-brainer. “The bold branding is spot-on,” she says.

“What’s there not to like about the Delush packaging? It’s playful, catchy and not intimidating at all. What you see is what you get!”

When it comes to choosing a favourite Delush, Tshepi alternates between the Rosé and White. “Call me undecided, but there will be a week where Rosé is my friend and the next week where White is my friend…”

“I had a wild thought of mixing them together once ’cause I just couldn’t decide and I didn’t want one of the two to feel neglected.”

From Brand Ambassador to Delush Fearless Tastemaker…what’s the new gig about? “In life there are partnerships that don’t make sense and there are partnerships that just instantly are meant to be,” says Tshepi.

“Being a Tastemaker makes sense for me, I am Fearless, I am bold, I am a trendsetter, I influence and I hustle! That is what a Tastemaker is for me. I am unapologetically ME!”

When asked what she would cook and who she would invite to a dinner party, this what our Fearless Tastemaker had to say:

When not checking out the latest restaurants, Tshepi has a thing for cooking and dinner parties. “I’m eating healthy now, but with dinner parties I go all out!” she laughs. “I will make slow-cooked oxtail infused with Delush natural sweet red, served with basil pesto and Mushroom. And serve fruit truffle paired with the Delush Rosé for dessert. I would invite my best friend, my ex-boyfriend just so he can enjoy my food for the last time and weep and my two amazing gay friends who will bring personality and tons of laughter to the table.”

Follow Tshepi on Instagram: tshepi_mabs_, Facebook: Tshepi Mabs and Twitter: @tshepi_mabs



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