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POSTED 2018/02/06

Presenting Njabs – a Delush Fearless Tastemaker

Delush, South African’s newest coolest and most happening wine brand has teamed up with three Fearless Tastemakers. The trio of ladies are all leaders in their fields, not only being the hottest radio personalities but also trend-setters, fashion-leaders and now Fearless Tastemakers for the Delush range of delicious Natural Sweet White, Red and Rosé wine. Right, let’s meet Njabs Zwane:

This Fearless Tastemaker is from Durbs and is producer and co-host of Gagasi FM’s vibey weekday breakfast show with the name I Love Mornings (yeah, right!). But just looking at her, you know it is not all work with Njabs. She admits to being the biggest beach-bum/bookworm in the world, always looking for the best beach in the country, with a bag of books over her shoulder. And then, too, hitting the gym to banish the stress of her hectic work and social schedule.

“Oh, and did I say I love wine,” says Njabs. “Wine makes me think happy thoughts!”

“A celebration, a night indoors with friends and even lounging on the couch with a good book.” When it comes to wine, Delush is our Fearless Tastemaker’s drink of choice.

“I find Delush doesn’t have the air of intimidation I’ve found in other brands. Delush almost ‘invites’ you to be one with the brand, from its packaging to the gorgeous fruitiness and, dare I say, playfulness when you finally taste what’s inside the bottle.”

Looks aren’t everything, but the appearance of Delush does it for Njabs. “It’s the easiest to spot from the hundreds of brands that are on shelves because one quickly identifies with the packaging. It lures you to be part of the festivities on the label. It screams NICE TIME!”

And since becoming a Delush Fearless Tastemaker, Njabs has been raving about the wines to her friends. “I really love how the (lower) alcohol content in Delush wines allows you to indulge without the fear of being the one that needs to be escorted home early! You can really enjoy the entire evening with Delush and wake up the next morning as fit as a fiddle.”

Of the three Delush wines, Njabs’s taste runs to the Natural Sweet White.

“I always stand for white wine, so the Natural Sweet White is definitely my favourite.”

White wine makes me feel like I’m a ballerina dancing on a cloud! It’s amazing.”

She is a radio personality, socialite and social media leader. But what is a Delush Fearless Tastemaker to her? “A tastemaker is someone who inspires people to try different things, inspires people to go out into the world and get what’s theirs. A tastemaker is someone who knows how to have meaningful engagements with their audience.”

“I agreed to be a Delush tastemaker because I am what Delush is: a fearless, bold go-getter.”

When asked what she would cook and who she would invite to a dinner party, this what our Fearless Tastemaker had to say.

“I’m definitely making something hearty with a Durban signature; a spicy prawn and chicken curry with basmati rice and peas. My guests would be: Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Anele Mdoda and Idris Elba.

Follow Njabs on Instagram: njabszwane, Facebook: Njabs Zwane and Twitter: @NjabsZwane



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