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POSTED 2018/02/07

Presenting AyandaMVP – a Delush Fearless Tastemaker

Delush, South African’s newest coolest and most happening wine brand has teamed up with three Fearless Tastemakers. The trio of ladies are all leaders in their fields, not only being the hottest radio personalities but also trend-setters, fashion-leaders and now Fearless Tastemakers for the Delush range of delicious Natural Sweet White, Red and Rosé wine. Right, let’s meet AyandaMVP:

This Fearless Tastemaker is the cool and sultry radio host on 947, weekdays between 10am-3pm. It is a gig she digs: “I love music and I find it the best place to be during office hours. LOL!” Outside of the office you will find Ayanda MVP spinning tunes as a club DJ as well as MC-ing glittering events. To relax she loves exercising to keep body, mind and soul in tip-top shape.

When it comes to wine, there is only one and that is Delush. “It is such an effortless drink as there is no mixing or complications involved. Just open, pour, sip and enjoy,” says Ayanda.

“Oh, and I love the fact that Delush is made right here in South Africa, unlike a lot of other drinks you find in the clubs, bars and restaurants. I am big into supporting local business.”

Judging by her on-point fashionista appearance, you know that looks play a role with Ayanda MVP. “Looking at Delush, the bright packaging with the stylish lettering and evocative, fashionable image, it was love at first sight. The bottle is inviting just looking at it.” And the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy Delush is a definite bonus.

“We’re always balling on a budget in this adult world, and this wine is as easy on the pocket as it is to the mouth.”

Having a thing for darker tone wines, Ayanda MVP is into the Delush Natural Sweet Red.

Despite Ayanda’s experience and versatility, this is her first gig as a Fearless Tastemaker. How does she see this title? “A Tastemaker is someone that creates their own path in life. A Tastemaker defines the way they live life and what happiness they allow in their world. Someone who is in control of their goals and isn’t afraid to take risks”.

“I chose to be a Tastemaker because I am fearless and want to show more ladies how powerful we can be once we prove to ourselves we are fierce and in charge of our own happiness.”

And when it comes to choosing a meal to enjoy with Delush, our Fearless Tastemaker goes for simple, solid food. “Definitely roasted lamb with hearty gravy, mash and slightly boiled veggies. For dessert, chocolate brownie and ice cream – I’m not fancy!”

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