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POSTED 2017/08/08

Top 10 Finalist – Noxy Mkhulisi

She is at home in a hard hat and working boots, but when Noxy’s busy day as an engineering project manager ends she loves a glass of wine and to be sociable with her friends.

Whether it is working as the only woman on a team of 30 or socialising with friends, Noxy likes diversity.

“In my job, I love the fact that I am not limited to one field and can manage projects in such diverse fields as residential, electricity, engineering and water projects,” she says. “Socially, I like being with a group of individuals, knowing that like me, we are all people, but each one is different.”

Having studied in Cape Town, Noxy has been exposed to wine for a number of years and was delighted to discover Delush. She first tasted Delush at a wine show at Montecasino. “I love wine as it has a greater depth of flavour compared to other drinks. Spirits are one-dimensional, wine just has so many interesting complexities which I love – much like people!”

“What I like about Delush, is that it is a versatile wine that can appeal to the taste of many different wine drinkers”

Has she got what it takes to become a Delush Diva? “I really enjoy the brand and will be an ideal individual who encourages people to drink it. It would be great for me to create events around the product and acting as an ambassador. The prizes are great. The shopping part is wow! And the year’s supply of wine will be very welcome, as I sometimes tend to find myself without a bottle of wine in the fridge!”



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