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POSTED 2019/05/02

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under R300

It’s almost Mother’s Day! We all know that the hardest part about Mother’s Day is deciding on something to buy that truly shows your mom how much she means to you. Worry no more – we have made it easy for you!

We have curated five different kinds of gifts to suit every mom, according to the different love languages. Everyone gives and receives love differently, and love languages allow you to properly communicate your love to the other person in

The Five Languages are:

  1. Words of Affirmation – This person feels most cared for when their loved ones take the time to tell them how much they love you.
  2. Acts of Service – This person feels most cared for when their loved ones go out of their way to do something for them. 
  3. Affection –This person feels most cared for when their loved ones take the time to tell them how much they love you.
  4. Quality Time – This person feels most cared for when their loved ones spend time with them, no matter what the activity. 
  5. Gifts – This person feels most cared for when their loved ones take the time to give them a gift. 

Which one sounds the most like your mom? Choose the closest one and see what we have picked out to be the perfect gift for her:

1. Words of Affirmation

Your mom just wants to hear you say that you care, and so the simplest thing such as a phone call or a letter to tell her how much you love her will be the perfect gift. If don’t exactly know what to write, check out this blog for some inspiration. If you can spend the day with her, why not dig out the family photo album and take a trip down memory lane? Laugh over all the silly photos with a glass of DELUSH and at the end of the day, gift her with a new photo frame and a photo of the two of you together with a special note on the back of the photo!

Take a look at these beautiful photo frames for some inspiration:

2. Acts of Service

If you can’t decide on the perfect gift, why not look at giving her an experience instead? A day out at a spa, an outdoor movie theatre, or even just a cheeky wine tasting one weekend gives you the chance to make lasting memories. 

The best thing you can do for your mom is to do something for her! Pick up her groceries for her, put on a load of laundry, and cook her favourite meal for her to enjoy. If you feel like giving her something a little extra, why not treat her to an experience that she would never treat herself to? 

Try out the BonBon Workshopin Woodstock at R200 a head. 

Or perhaps, visit the Lindt Chocolate Classat the Design Quarter in Fourways (Joburg), for a day of to-die-for desserts! This class comes in a little over budget at R320, but it’s an indulgent treat!

Or, take a look around your local neighbourhood for a similar class or event that your mother would love!

3. Affection/Physical Touch 

Make sure that the first thing you give your mom is a huge hug! The perfect gift for a mom who speaks this love language is some gorgeous Body Shop treats to keep her skin super soft! 

For an extra special treat, gift your mom some alone time with a voucher for a facial or a relaxing Swedish massage.

4. Quality Time

Nothing says winter like a glass of red wine, and we think our Delush Red is the perfect pairing for the crisp winter chill! It’s fruity and fresh, and will warm you up while you wait for sun to come back

For a little something extra, pick her up a beautiful plant that she can look at everyday to be reminded of how much you love her:

4. Receiving/Giving Gifts

This one is quite obvious, but a gift still should be something special! Take note of what your mom wants or needs particularly badly, and surprise her with it when she doesn’t expect it. If you’re still lost as to what to buy, we’ve found some beautiful things that any mother would love:

AND, if all else fails? 

Get her some DELUSH Wine of course, and perhaps some beautiful glasses to go with it:

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