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POSTED 2018/02/12

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is here! What do our Fearless Tastemakers think of this celebration and what will they be up to?

For Njabs Valentine’s Day is an extension of what you and your partner have been feeling for each other all year long. “I just look at it as a day where you can really go all-out to emphasize what you’ve been saying to your partner, and how you’ve been treating them all year,” she says.

“Affection and displays of love shouldn’t be reserved for Valentine’s Day only, but should be practiced daily.”

Njabs says that her biggest Valentine’s Day surprise ever came from….. well, listen to her story: “I’m a bit embarrassed to share this, but anyways… I think I was in Grade 10 and (like every other year) I was dreading going to school on Valentine’s Day because I hadn’t started dating and it is so difficult when everyone is getting roses from their crush and you’re the only one who hasn’t received anything. So, on this particular year my mom snuck into my room in the middle of the night and placed a card, a teddy, sweets and chocolate on my bedside and when I woke up on the 14th, that was the first thing my eyes landed on. So, ja…my biggest Valentine’s Day surprise came from none other than Mom!”

As far as gifts on the big day goes, Njabs is adamant that a girl can never get enough flowers.

And her perfect Valentine’s Day would comprise of a candle-lit dinner on a beach in Bali – with a chilled bottle of Delush wine, of course.

For Tshepi Valentine’s Day is about love for the people important to you. “When I was in a relationship, eons ago, I used to think Valentine’s Day was only meant to be celebrated between two lovers. The older I got I realised the importance of family, self-love and friendships.”

“Valentine’s Day has become a day to celebrate love in its purest form – family, friendships and self! We need this day, it’s good for the soul.”

The best Valentine’s Day was a boyfriend flying Tshepi to Durban after her radio show and organising a ferry ride out on the ocean so they could watch the Durban sunset.

As far as gifts on the heart-shaped day goes, it’s flowers, flowers and flowers! “And in case you are wondering, we actually do have enough vases in the house to accommodate all the flowers.”

And is Valentine’s Day purely a guy-thing, where the man makes the move?

“Nah…We put in more effort than flowers and cards. We do it differently and a bit more creative. Want to find out? Be my Valentine then.”

The ideal Valentine’s Day date is a night in a favourite restaurant, where the whole place has been shut down just for Tshepi and Mr Valentine, with Gregory Porter playing in the background, some Delush Wine and some good food and candle light. “Corny, but that is my ideal night. “

What must a guy NOT do when reaching out to a girl on Valentine’s Day? “Do not reach out to a girl that is not available for you, guys. “A girl that has a boyfriend?? DO NOT DO IT! You might both get the surprise of your life.”

AyandaMVP is not into Valentine’s Day. But if any strapping guy out there is thinking about changing her mind, be aware that Ayanda also believes that a girl cannot have enough flowers. “They must fill the entire bedroom, alright!”

Ideal gifts are a trip to Paris, and some Fragrance from Versace of Chanel.

Find out more about our Fearless Tastemakers Njabs, Tshepi, AyandaMVP and their favourite Delush Wines or try our Poptails to treat your loved one this Valentines Day!

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