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POSTED 2017/08/21

Life’s a Cabernet at the Pretoria News Wine Theatre!

If you’re looking to get to grips with tasting, evaluating and scoring wine, or the effect of cold climes on trendy ‘cool wines’, then step right up and in to Winederland!

Wine in all its glory takes centre stage at the complimentary Pretoria News Wine Theatre at the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show, and you are invited to star in a leading role as you explore the ins and outs of wine with some of the country’s top winemakers.

Tinus van Niekerk hosts the TOPS at SPAR sessions, featuring Olive Brook Wines from the SPAR Private Collection Portfolio. Look out for edutaining presentations on wine enjoyment, including pairing wine and food, and debunking the humbug about wine appreciation; the importance of terroir (how a particular region’s climate, soil and terrain affect the taste of wine); different types and styles of wines; and the wood (oak) treatment of wine.

Are you a hypertaster? Find out when Tinus dips into the issue through sighted and unsighted tastings along with assessing wine quality by visual cues; wine aromatics; tasting, identifying and scoring wine; the six main taste modalities used in evaluating wines; and the importance of the correct wine stemware, and wine breathing and decanting.

Four SPAR Private Label wines are in the spotlight in each day’s tasting session, including dry whites, rosés and reds, and natural sweet moscato styles; Champagne from France; and single varietal and blended wines from different vintages.

What makes cool region wines so cool? Find out in the fascinating South Hill Wines sessions. South Hill Wines hail from Elgin, South Africa’s coolest climate wine region, where the grapes take a little longer to ripen on the vines.

They explore exactly how climate affects the flavours in your glass, and present innovative pairings that illustrate the vineyard’s fruit purity point.

Just as climate influences the flavours of wines, so does terroir. Over the centuries, French winemakers have evolved this concept by observing the variations in wines from different regions, vineyards, or even different sections of the same vineyard!

Hermanuspietersfontein Wine Cellar from Hermanus will host ‘A sense of place’ – a collection of sessions aimed at unpacking this concept. It features three single varietals from different origins and demonstrates the exact effect terroir has on the final product. Expect to taste Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz.

Delush proudly brings you a wine experience with a difference; this year Delush will be hosting a live wine talk in Winederland.

“Join their Delush Wine brand ambassador to find out more about the new wave of African game changers and how their actions and insider knowledge is inspiring so many others to fulfill their dreams and aspirations with flair and confidence”


During the interactive show, their brand ambassador and guests will experience three Delush wines revealing a few secrets and tips that will make you the envy at your next social get together. In addition, a renowned chef will take you through a culinary journey and together they will concoct a pairing that will leave you mesmerized.

The live show is crammed full of informative and inspiring insights to personal journeys, obsessions and upcoming trends – and delicious Delush wine of course.

To experience these winederful sessions, visit the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show presented by Pretoria News from 24 – 26 August at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre.