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POSTED 2019/08/02

How to Turn On your ME-Brand

Happy August! We cannot believe that it is already so late in the year! Since it is Women’s Month, we wanted to take a look at how you can feel empowered in yourself this month. Personal branding is an important part of feeling confident in yourself and projecting a positive and strong attitude for others to see. So, how can you #TURNITON this month?

What does it mean to #TurnItOn?

Turning on your me-brand is a choice – it involves you making a conscious decision to take action about how you present yourself. Your personal brand is your natural gifts, your ambitions, your talents – in essence, it is what makes you unique. It is what sets you apart when you raise the bar and rise to another level of confidence and self-expression! It is also something that is ownable and campaign-able.

Why do you need personal branding?

Personal branding is no longer just for celebrities or influencers, it is for anyone who is looking to create a strong idea of who they are in the world. Particularly in the business world, it is important to have an understanding of yourself and what sets you apart from others. If you do not learn to acknowledge what makes you unique, other people might create their own ideas about you – so make sure that you take some time to figure out what makes you, you! Personal branding can help you approach the jobs that you want, increase your ability to attract the positions that you are striving for, and will help you stand out from the crowd of applicants who have the same old ideas about what employers want to see.

So, how do you build a personal brand?

Building a personal brand takes time, but it is very easy to do – after all, you are thinking about yourself, and no-one knows you better than you! One thing to remember is that once you have solidified your personal brand it is something that you can use for the rest of your life. So, how do you start?

Identify your strengths

Think about the characteristics that you have that you are particularly proud of. What are the skills that you have that you are confident about? Can you write, photograph, sing, act, work with a budget, style things beautifully, speak confidently in public?

Ask around

Ask your friends for their honest opinion about what they think makes you unique. Ask your family what your strengths are and ask your colleagues what areas of business you excel at. Write down all of these things and start to narrow down the things that are mentioned a lot and take note of those things that stand out for you.

Note personality traits

Identify the parts of your personality that people are attracted to. Once again it can be helpful to ask people who know you well for their honest opinion! Whether you are very extroverted, exceedingly organised, or a stickler for punctuality – think about what you can use to build a brand that others will want to buy into.

Take ownership

Now that you have identified the basic aspects of your brand, take time to refine them and build on them. A brand needs to be able to grow and be flexible, so make sure to take note of areas that you can expand on. For example, if you are very good at social media, why not look at working towards qualifications in social media analytics? You can always learn more!

Set goals for the future

Depending on what you want to use your personal brand for (e.g. for personal confidence, in a professional setting to get further in work, for education, for building a brand, starting a business etc.) your next step will look a little different in the long term. However, it is important to take full advantage of your personal brand by incorporating it into all aspects of your life. If you are trying to build a business, your website and social media should represent your personal brand. But even if you are just using it for yourself, you can still use your online presence to show how you would like to be seen.

Every photograph you post, word you choose for your caption, and theme that you portray across social media platforms represent you – so make sure that it is showing you as you would like to be seen. Set goals about where you want to be in the future and let your personal brand represent that person that you want to become.

There is no wrong time to start building a personal brand – it is about representing yourself and what makes you unique. Confidence comes from being knowledgeable about yourself and understanding what it is that you bring to the table that makes you stand above the crowd. Learn to describe yourself in a way that shows yourself in your own way, by accentuating who you are and why people should want to work with you.

Let us know how you are going to #TURNITON this August by tagging us on social media @DelushWines – did we leave anything out?

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