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POSTED 2019/06/24

How to Enjoy Delush Wines in Winter

Winter is truly upon us now and the cold nights are really setting in. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise to turn it on with Delush Wines! As you know, we believe that there is no wrong time to appreciate wine (within reason!), and we had a look at how we are going to be enjoying wine this winter.

Cook Up a Storm

Now this one goes almost without saying, but nothing goes better with wine than food, so we thought it was worth saying anyway! Winter food staples offer a whole different world of food pairings – with hearty stews, rich sauces, and warming soups, make sure to stock up on Delush Red to get through the evening!

Let Sparks Fly

With the sun setting earlier in the evening, we are breaking out the firewood! Whether it’s inside or outside, a fire always adds something special to any cold evening. Wrap up in a blanket, open a bottle of wine, and toast some marshmallows over the flames.

Turn a Page

You don’t have to wait until the night to enjoy a glass of your favourite Delush wine! We are loving having a cheeky glass in the afternoon while we enjoy a good book or magazine – Rosé all day!

Netflix And Chill(Ed Wine)

It might be too cold to spend every night out on the town, so we are making the most of our own homes and opening a bottle while we watch a great movie! So renew your online streaming subscription and stock up on Delush!

Wrap Up and Go

Even though winter is a time for staying indoors, don’t hibernate all season long! Put on your scarf, pull on a coat, and seek out places to enjoy the cold. We are loving wintery wine farm visits, restaurants with big fireplaces, and wine-warmed walks in the afternoons.

Did we miss anything? Let us know how you are drinking wine this winter on our social media @DelushWines

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