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POSTED 2018/07/20

Four Roads to Becoming a Delush Fearless Tastemaker

When entering our competition, don’t try to emulate or copy anybody but just be who you are. In the words, say how you feel about yourself, who you want to be and why you reckon that you are the ideal Fearless Tastemaker. And in the picture, the natural, un-posed real look always wins. Your hair and clothes must be what you feel comfortable in, not what you feel you have to adhere to.

Content is not king – voice is king. Communicate as you would talk and text and whatsapp with your best friends. This is what makes you convincing, and it is convincing that makes others see you as being comfortable in your own skin.

From the outside, those judging you for the Delush Fearless Tastemaker like energy. They want to see you walk, talk, smile and engage. Because a Fearless Tastemaker does not sit back and wait for things to happen, she makes things happen. So from the day you have pushed that button to enter our competition, get snapping those photo’s, writing that real, authentic and engaging text and get yourself out there. Also, reply and chat to others who are sharing your own goals and dreams.


Don’t tell us you forgot about this? You just cannot be a Delush Fearless Tastemaker without getting to know our wines. Stock up on the Natural Sweet White, Red and Rosé, taste it, love it and tell us why you love it. This is going to be one of the criteria a Delush Fearless Tastemaker will be judged on, so pour yourself a glass of our wine as you walk along the street to potential success.


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