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POSTED 2018/05/18

Food and wine – go hand in hand!!

Wine makers will tell you they have to have wine with every meal, and that’s why they don’t have breakfast. Although in some parts of Europe it is not strange to see the locals enjoying a glass of red wine with their morning ham-and-cheese bread roll.
“Food and wine go hand-in-hand”, and the great thing about wine is that it actually brings out the flavours of certain foods to form a tasty combination. A fat juicy steak and a glass of red wine? Well, the one without the other would be totally unimaginable. Like a Pirates-Chiefs game played with a tennis-ball, right?

Needing something light and fresh?

Another match made in heaven goes for grilled fish and a glass of chilled white.

Try it, and see for yourself!

Delush Wines have become a firm favourite in the South African eating environment and it is as if the wine maker making the three wines was creating them to go with some of the country’s most popular dishes. Not just a wine maker, this guy, but a true foodie.
Main thing here is that the Delush Red, White and Rosé are all naturally sweet wines. Nothing added that is, just the pure fruity nature of the grape captured in every sip of the wine. And when it comes to yummy sweet wines, there are certain foods that were just created to be washed down with a glass of these.

Nobody makes curry like South Africans!

Whether it is a spicy, hot beef curry or a more mellow chicken one, the Delush White is the wine for it.

The wine, which should be well-chilled, will cool down the hot chillies in the mouth while the sweetness gives the curry a totally new dimension.

Do we like our chicken peri-peri or what?

For some it is the hotter the better, while others just enjoy a grilled chicken with a bit of spice on the skin. And this is where Delush Rosé is the business. Those fresh watermelon and berry flavours in the Rosé wine freshen up the mouth when it is working out with the peri-peri.

And because peri-peri is known to let you work-up a big thirst, those cold glasses of Rosé can just keep on coming.

Delush red and a juicy piece of meat… yes please!

Delush Red is a very versatile wine, but the full-body and those dark chocolate and mocha flavours bring out the best in a lovely slice of meat. A piece of boerewors just from the fire. A fatty lamb chop of perfectly cooked steak.

Man, with the Delush Red in my mind I am working up and appetite just thinking about it.

But, when push comes to shove, the Delush Red is made for a big cheese burger. Make it a double…flamegrilled, the cheese melting down the sides and each bite sent down with a mouthful of this beautiful red wine.


Let’s get some, right here, and right now!

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