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POSTED 2018/01/16

Delush’s deliciousness explained!

What sets Delush apart from the rest...

There is one thing that is special about wine compared to other drinks, and that is that our favourite drink can only be produced once a year. Why? Well, wine is the oldest alcohol drink in the world and is made from grapes. And it takes a full year for a vineyard to produce the bunches of grapes ripe for wine-making.

Wine is the oldest alcohol drink in the world 

Delush’s deliciousness can be attributed to the unique environment where our grapes grow. This is in the Upington region of the Northern Cape, a warm, dry area where the vineyards are fed by the fresh cool waters of the Orange River. This is South Africa’s largest river, and is also known as the Groot Gariep.

Being South Africa’s sunniest wine-making region with well over 300 days of sunshine every year, the grapes along the Orange River become extraordinarily sweet and juicy. As we were taught at school, sunshine allows the sugars and flavours to develop superbly in fruit. The grapes grown especially for Delush on the banks of the river are so sweet and delicious you want to eat them before making wine!

Grapes along the Orange River become extraordinarily sweet and juicy

And this is the time of the year wine is made, because in summer the grapes reach their full state of ripeness. From January to April the juicy bunches of grapes are picked from the vines and taken to one of the five modern wine cellars in and around Upington. Here the winemakers use their skill and the magic of nature to create the red, rosé and white wines you taste in the glass of Delush.

It is a special and natural process to see the grapes turn into wine. First the red and white berries are crushed to let all the juices run out. This fresh juice is then put into a tank and under the watchful eyes of the winemaker, nature takes its course. This means that the sugars in the juice naturally turn into alcohol, and here the names change from juice to wine.

The winemakers taste the tanks regularly – what a job! – to see how this process is getting along. And only the best and tastiest tanks or wine are selected for packaging under the Delush label.

Winemakers taste the tanks regularly – what a job!

So while you are enjoying a glass of cool Delush wine, be assured that the next consignment of wine is being made in those vineyards – especially for you.



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