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POSTED 2018/12/11

Delush Makes a Meal of Summer

Summer is in full swing, and by all accounts our delicious Delush wines are being enjoyed wherever summer fun is being had: next to the pool, at the beach, the outdoors concert venue and yes, wherever something tasty is cooking.

The golden rule of food and wine pairing is: if you like it and it works for you, it is the right choice. Because you are an individual who likes doing things your way, right? So, if you want some Delush Natural Sweet White Wine with a juicy steak right from the grill, go for it. It’s your taste and that’s the only one that counts.

Some of our Delush drinkers have, however, been sharing some tips as to which Delush wines are making suitable companions to their favourite foods. So let’s check it out:

Delush Natural Sweet White: If sushi is your thing, this Delush wine is going to make that fishy habit harder to break. (And why would you want to?) Delush White has a crisp, fresh acidity that is the perfect partner to your salmon roses, California rolls and Nigiri. If you like wasabi with your sushi, then Delush is going to make you extra happy, as the combination is as tasty as can be.

Delush Natural Sweet Rosé: The floral perfume and the zesty berry taste make this wine ideal for a bit of chicken curry. South Africans, as we know, love our chicken and we love our spice, so chicken curry is very, very nice. Whether you like it mild, hot or volcanic-like, throw a few ice-cubes in your wine-glass, top-up with Delush Rosé and taste the joy this wine adds to your favourite chicken curry.

Delush Natural Sweet Red: Dig that smoky, rich red wine taste. And okay, we all know you have a secret vice, which is the hamburger. Grilled patty, topped with cheese, inside a bun. Perhaps some sweet chilli or barbecue sauce? Bring along a glass of Delush Red, the butterscotch and dark berry tastes forming the perfect combination.

These are some recommendations for eating with Delush wines. What are yours?

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