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POSTED 2018/12/12

Delush Sparkling Rosé Dessert Pairing

The holiday season is made for spoiling oneself, and rightly so. It has been a long, hard year and if there is one period during which you deserve to let you hang loose for a while, it is the end-of-the-year festive season.

When we talk food and wine, most of the conversation goes around white, red or pink being perfect accompaniments to chicken, meat or fish. Curry, stews or hamburgers.

But this being the festive season, desserts are important. And what wine goes best with dessert?

Well consider the new Sparkling Rosé from Delush, one of South Africa’s fastest-growing wine ranges. Besides being a cool, sparkling wine to add joy and celebration to any event, Delush Sparkling Rosé is one terrific wine to enjoy with desserts.

But why this wine?

The natural sweet berry flavours are carried by a refreshing, bracing thread of bubbles. By the way, did you know that there are 50million bubbles in one bottle of Delush Sparkling Rosé?

In any event, the combination of zesty natural sweet nectar and fizzy sparkle just works with your favourite dessert!

Chocolate brownies get a deeper, more decadent chocolate flavour when eaten together with a glass of Delush Sparkling Rosé. And don’t even get us started on how yum this wine is with chocolate mousse…

Ice-cream is always difficult with wine due to the freezing-point of this creamy deliciousness. But fear not: Delush Sparkling combines with the creamy element to make this eating and drinking experience a refreshing and satisfying one – pretty much like a wine-flavoured milk-shake.

Believe us, that any, any cake is brilliant with Delush Sparkling Rosé. As we all know, a cake can never have enough icing right? Well, eating carrot cake, cheesecake or chocolate cake with a glass of Delush between every bite makes sure that the cake stays moist, sweet and delicious.

But hey, why not make dessert with Delush Sparkling Rosé? Take a jug, like one you’d use to pour water in. Fill the jug one third of the way with chopped peaches, mango, paw-paw, strawberries, melon, watermelon. All the fruit if you have them, or whatever two or three you can get. Now, slowly pour in a bottle of Delush Sparkling Rosé. Watch this bubbles settle, and leave on the fruit for five to ten minutes. And away you go! Pour yourself a glass of the wine, making sure to spoon the pieces of fruit into the glass as well.

Eat and drink the most delicious of summer desserts.


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