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POSTED 2017/08/29

Delush Diva Competition Down to Three Ladies for the Grand Prize

And then there were…… three!

From thousands of entries in one of the most exciting wine competitions to date, three stunning finalists have been selected in the search for the world’s first Delush Diva, a unique competition from Delush Wines and trendy Gauteng radio station YFM.

In the competition, which is run through YFM on air and Delush Wines’ social media channels, the organisers invited ladies who have a taste for fame and a wish to be in the spotlight – as well as being determined and working hard on their own success – to enter via Instagram and twitter.

The final winner will receive a set of prizes that are destined to be the envy of every like-minded lady: a live radio interview with Tshepiso Mabulana, popular YFM host and this year’s official Delush Brand Ambassador; our winner will be the subject of a professionally styled fashion shoot for True Love magazine and will receive R15 000 of fashion items from Foschini; and, of course she will receive a monthly stock of delicious Delush wine to entertain her friends as by winning this prize, she is also the Delush Brand Infuencer for the next year.

The three Finalists are: Siwelile Thusi, Nokuzola Gomba and Linda Nirvana Rojohasina.

According to Tshepiso, chosing three ladies from the group of ten finalists was one of the hardest decisions she has been involved in making.

“Each of the ten finalists was a Diva in her own right,” says Tshepiso.” 

“They had the attitude, the style and the wow! factor we were looking for, while each one being totally unique and original. But now we have three terrific finalists, and all I can say is: May the best Diva win!

Meet the three finalists:

Siwelile Thusi


This proudly Zulu girl from Empangeni emphasizes the fact that if there is one thing the Delush Diva finalists share, it is diversity. A qualified chartered accountant, Siwelile currently works in advertising as a creative strategist at FCB Africa, one of South Africa’s leading agencies. Oh, yes, and she is also a part-time photographer.

“I think we are born hybrids, persons with many talents. It is up to you to find your calling and chase it,” she says. “This is what I did, from accounting to a more creative endeavour. We are all blessed with a multitude of talents, just go and use the one that gives you the most satisfaction.”

What Siwelile likes about wine, is the narrative. “In South Africa, wine is definitely growing in popularity – especially in my demographic. Why? Because it is not so much about the wine itself as it is about the narrative and the stories behind the wine. We South Africans just love stories, and the different stories about all the different wines are most appealing and make wine so interesting.”

“As a Delush Diva, Siwelile wants to empower by changing the narrative of what South African women can do in the country.” 

“I am here to tell the narrative, how this beautiful product is made. Not everyone knows that much about wine and as a Diva my job would be to fill the knowledge gap. Instilling knowledge is key in South African society. And here, for Delush, I have a lot to give in term of creativity and business acumen as an ambassador where I can plug into their brand and they into mine.”

As they say in the classics, a beautiful friendship.

Nokuzola Gomba


Bubbly and always smiling, Nokuzola’s job is to make other people look pretty. And everything she has achieved, she has done by herself. This make-up artist is self-taught in her profession. With determination and obvious skill, Nokuzola used YouTube to teach her the finer aspects of lipstick, eye-shadow and blush.

Today she does make-up for people working in some of South Africa’s biggest television productions, those participating in weddings, attending parties and simply anyone who wants to look better. “There is a growing market for make-up artists in the country,” she says. “South Africans are realising the importance of beautifying themselves and it is a great industry to be in – making people looking better and feeling better about themselves, while using my set of skills and talents. All very rewarding.”

“Being very aware of looks, Nokuloza loves the look of Delush.”

“The packaging is vibey, trendy and so feminine. It really stands out from the other products, which is very important in today’s times when we buy with our eyes,” she says. “And the wines are amazing! Smooth and light. And I love the way Delush can be mixed with energy drinks. It is fantastic seeing products that take us away from the norm by being cutting edge.”

What makes her a candidate as a Delush Diva?

“I consider myself a go-getter. I am vibey, tackle everything I do head-on and I don’t allow anything to stand in my way. Definitely outgoing and I just love life. I would love to win the True Love article and use it to promote my brand.”

Linda Nirvana Rojohasina


It is about flavour for Linda, the only one of the Delush Diva finalists who is professionally involved in the culinary industry. This private chef, trained at the prestigious HTA School for Culinary Arts in Johannesburg, whips up delicious meals and snacks for celebrities, dignitaries and high-society events. She specialises in cold kitchen – salads, cold meats – and pastries.

“I see myself as a bit of an artist. I love dressing the plate by making the food look pretty, as the plate is the canvas,” she says. “People who use my services get beautiful food, along with something that is delicious to eat. What is that saying, you eat with your eyes?”

And when not catering – a profession known for its mercilessly long hours – Linda loves the music side of life as a worship leader at Hillsong Churches. “I lived in Madagascar until I was seven years old, as my mother is from that country. She comes from a musical family, so I guess the apple did not fall far from the tree in my case.”

In her world in the kitchen, wine is obviously no stranger. “I love wine. As an accompaniment to food and something one can use it in the kitchen. I am especially partial to white wines as these go well with my cold dishes, very popular in South Africa where we love our outdoor lifestyle. I am very excited about this new wine on the market, Delush, which goes well with al fresco eating. And being on the sweeter side, it is a perfect partner to my other speciality – pastries.”

How does she see herself as a Delush Diva? “I’m young, consider myself to be dynamic. I am here to change the game, also in my industry which is male dominated,” she says.

“I want to show woman you can have fun, should not take yourself too seriously and I am very much into inspiring women, helping them grow and empowering them.”

Of the prize, Linda looks forward to the potential interview on YFM. “I have a lot to say and I would like people to hear what I say.”



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