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POSTED 2018/09/12

Delicious Dillish!

One of the super brand ambassadors for Delush Wines is the lovely Dillish – no, she was not named after the wine. This Namibian celebrity, who won Big Brother Africa in 2013, is painting her homeland in the colours of Delush Wines and introducing her compatriots to the exciting flavours and refreshment this new name in wine offers. Always on the move, we caught up with Dillish to ask her about herself and her task of getting the Delush flavour out there.

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Alexa, play @katyperry #TGIF 😁😎

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Dillish, what do you do when you are not promoting our Delush wines?

I come home to the beautiful warm and sunny city of Windhoek. Apart from being a super influencer, I spend most of my days at my businesses as I am an entrepreneur.  I have a very intimate coffee shop and an amazing hair-salon in the capital city of Namibia.   

How did you become the Delush influencer?

The team from Brockmann & Kriess, the main distributors of Delush in Namibia, called me for a meeting and asked if I could come on board. According to them my brand went well with the product and that my name just matched it perfectly –  Dillish and Delush! As it turns out, it was a good fit. 

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Friendly spammer of the day… Photocred _ @zill_mancor

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What is the role of an influencer?

To market, persuade and convince potential customers to buy a product they have influence over. 

What are your main priorities for/with Delush and how do you execute these actions?

My job is to keep the brand going and to keep it top of mind. I do this by having fun posts on social media and actively participating in brand activations. I also reply to all DMs from the consumers and repost their pictures to maintain personal relationships. People actually think Delush is my personal brand even though I have made it clearly numerously that I am only the brand ambassador and otherwise not related to the wine!

Why do you think you are so successful?

Well, winning Big Brother Africa in 2013 was definitely my stepping stone to putting me and my brand on the map. The growth of my brand comes from hard work, consistency, learning from my mistakes and moving forward with enthusiasm.  

Namibia is a huge wine market – why do you think wine is so popular there?

Wine is popular among the people of the land of the brave – what Namibians are called – because, it doesn’t make you fat! Also, it doesn’t knock you down after the first glass, Delush wine makes a great present when you visit a friend or go over for dinner. The wine also goes so well with cheese platters, which are quite popular here. And don’t forget – a glass a day keeps the doctor away. 

What do you like about Delush?

I just love everything about Delush. The mystery, the flavours that tease my senses and the perfect aromas from all three of the different wines in the range.

What makes it attractive to the audiences you reach?

The fact that they can relate it to a local personality like myself. And then it’s delicious, affordable and has awesome packaging.  

It is pretty hot and dry up there in Namibia! How do you enjoy drinking Delush?

I usually have it served ice cold, on a bed of crushed or cubed ice. I sometimes add a shot of vodka for an extra kick over the weekends.  I once used Delush red in a potjie and it tasted sooo yummy – I posted the video on my Instagram and it went viral. The Delush team in South Africa reposted it on our WhatsApp group saying it must’ve been the best potjie meal ever – it sure was!


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