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POSTED 2018/04/18

Chef Li’s Top 5 restaurants to visit

Chef Li was a finalist in the first Delush Diva Competition, and is not only a fearless wine tastemaker but a food one too.

This private chef, trained at the prestigious HTA School for Culinary Arts in Johannesburg, whips up delicious meals and snacks for celebrities, dignitaries and high-society events. She specialises in cold kitchen – salads, cold meats and pastries.
“I see myself as a bit of an artist. I love dressing the plate by making the food look pretty, as the plate is the canvas,” she says. “People who use my services get beautiful food, along with something that is delicious to eat. What is that saying, ‘you eat with your eyes’?”
In her kitchen world, wine is obviously no stranger. “I love wine! Its an accompaniment to food and something one can use in the kitchen. I am especially partial to white wines as these go well with my cold dishes, and are very popular in South Africa where we love our outdoor lifestyle.”

“I am very excited about Delush, which goes so well with al fresco eating. And being on the sweeter side, it is a perfect partner to my other speciality – pastries.”

So if you want some great restaurant recommendations, Chef Li’s Top 5 are definitely worth looking at. Check out her list of favourite eateries:

Love me So – Melville

This spot is great for friends and family because it is not only an exciting Oriental eating experience, but really super affordable. The set-up is simple and fun, the menu is mainly Japanese and Korean inspired.
They are known for their freshly made and truly authentic Ramen noodles, which I obviously just had to try. They also offer a fun sirloin steak dish with a difference. You get to braai it yourself at the comfort of your table. Also don’t hesitate to order their fun and funky cocktails!
Chef Li’s choice: I tried the Hidden Dragon and it was spectacular!

Café del Sol Trè – Parkhurst

Strolling through Parkhurst for the first time looking for a place to eat, this intimate little café was the first thing that caught my eye and it certainly won my heart. I just loved their funky menu with really fun names. Our waiter was gracious and professional.
Chef Li’s choice: I tried the Street Walker, a plate of flavourful food ideal for anyone who had been walking the streets looking for a place to eat! It consists of duck breast, butternut, hand-made gnocchi, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Absolutely delicious.

The Blind Tiger – Parkview

This is easily my favourite cocktail bar in Joburg so far. It has such an incredible energy attached to it which really compliments the food and drinks offering.
Chef Li’s choice: Some of my favourite cocktails include The Great Gatsby (their signature), Lemon Drop and The Blue Dahlia.
Foodwise I would recommend the salmon tacos with some sweet potato fries.

Gemelli Cucina Bar – Bryanston Corner

This is an authentic and cosy Italian restaurant in the buzzing Bryanston area. The ambiance is warm, the waiters are friendly and well dressed. The food is absolutely stunning and the flavours were out of this world – good enough for the most discerning Italian!
Chef Li’s choice: Try the black pepper gnocchi.

Licorish Bistro – Nicolway

This is one of my favourites. The vibe is so captivating. The staff are fun and interactive. If you feel like simple yet beautiful meals, Licorish Bistro is where you want to be.
Chef Li’s choice: Try out the smoked duck salad.
Follow Chef Li on Instagram: chefli_, Facebook: ChefLi, Twitter: @ChefMazibuko and on her Youtube channel.
Take a look at Chef Li in action as she cooks up a storm in her 1st episode of cooking with Chef Li!


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