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POSTED 2018/03/09

Ayanda’s work, play and fitness balance

Look, I don’t mind hauling out the odd cliché, but no matter how old you are, life is about balance. And I don’t mean balance as in keeping your glass of Delush from spilling on the dance floor either.

If you want to keep mind, body and soul together, I find that managing your priorities in terms of work, play and fitness adds up to being the best I want to be – and can be.
For exercise, I find running is the thing. Every Sunday I try to run a road-race of between 10km and 21km.

I find solace and peace of mind in running, and it is great to hit the road, forget about everything except you, your body and that ethereal space known as “the zone”.

Plus, running really helped change my life through tackling the weight problem I had at university. Now I am an addict, but a good one: addicted to my running shoes and the road! Besides the fun of the race, the discipline that comes with training and then starting and finishing the event goes a long in helping my confidence and giving me a feeling of having achieved something.

One week-end a month I go hiking with my friends. Besides being great exercise and giving us all that invigorating feeling of being out in the fresh air, hiking gives us time to bond with each other.

Our friendships are nurtured in the wide open spaces of nature, making the experience as spiritual as it is physical.

On my party side, there is my love affair with music. Music and the night-life…..that is a big part of who I am. There is not a week-end that goes by where I am not blasting out tunes as a DJ, taking in the vibes and the energy of the crowd.

And if I am not playing that set, you’ll find me sipping on a glass of ice-cold Delush wine, or hitting the dance-floor.


So you thought music is my only culture? No, because I love the theatre. South African dramas, especially those falling in the genre of protest theatre, count among the best theatre experiences in the world. The writing, the emotion, the spirited acting of our great actors. Wow….it is such a buzz. Like running and playing music. I also am just as crazy about the pantomimes that Janice Honeyman does each year. Pure escapism, just takes me to a special place.
And all this might keep me busy, but I must just make time – absolutely must – for my family. I used to put work first, telling me I never had time.

Now I grab time to spend with my loved ones, who are my biggest supporters.

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