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POSTED 2018/11/09

All about our Tastemaker, Silindile!


An interior designer and architect from KZN found herself in front of a camera and fell in love with the flashlights.

Silindile started her modelling career whilst studying at the Durban University of Technology. Like so many of us she is a lover of art and design, which lead to her current location (Johannesburg) where she is pursuing her dreams. Silindile is employed at Onboard Consulting Engineers and is also a professional model signed up with Lampost Productions. She is an editorial-, commercial-, fashion-, fitness- and beauty model, as well as an Influencer.

Slienky, as known by many on social media, loves meeting new people and being around people. She has a strong presence, with a vibrant personality and a positive input in people’s lives and she is able to push boundaries.


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Have a Blessed Sunday 🌸

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It hasn’t always been glitz and glam for Silindile, as she grew up being bullied at primary school and was called all sorts of horrible names because of her skin tone. But her supportive family used to call her ‘face of Africa’ and some would call her ‘indoni yamanzi’ – referring to a ‘dark skinned beautiful girl’. Originating from Zululand, ‘indoni’ is a blackberry which grows on big trees known as Umdoni trees that mostly grow next to water or rivers.

Silindile studied at Durban University of Technology, where she was approached by many students to model for their projects and portfolios. Many people say she resembles Grace Jones. As soon as Silindile discovered her talent and realised her potential, her modelling career kicked off and as she became more confident she started to embrace her dark skin fearlessly.

Through it all Silindile never gave up on her dream, she continues pursuing her modelling career. Slienky is a Professional Interior Designer and Architect.

Black is definitely beautiful and no one else displays that true beauty like Silindile.
She inspires through her perseverance and her ability to love herself.


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💚 📷: @tgcphotography – #blackgirlmagic #melaninpoppin #melaninqueen #melanin #darkskin

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