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POSTED 2018/11/29

All about our Tastemaker, Azande!


When I was afforded the opportunity to write this blog, I found that it forced me to do some introspection on what it is that I would like people to know about myself and which aspects I should present. I sat down with a glass of Natural Sweet White Delush wine and got ready to tell my “truth”.

Something obvious to tell is about my life as a health and fitness DJ. I have been blessed to work with prominent health and fitness brands which promoted my career and set me up for bigger opportunities. Being a female DJ in a male dominated industry has not been an easy ride… you literally get side-lined by other players in the field. I then decided to find a niche market which led me back to fitness.

The year 2018 has been a rollercoaster ride for me in terms of balancing life and entrepreneurial related challenges as well as my drive to maintain a good health and fitness programme. Challenges I’ve faced and overcome not only gave me strength to persevere but what I have learned is that everything in life happens for a reason and nothing by mere chance.



From a young age, I have always been inspired by sporting activities – from representing the KZN netball team, cross country running, participating in hockey and as a top athlete achiever to being a fitness DJ (something I enjoy immensely, as the results are visible after a few sessions).

I currently DJ for Pop Up Gym which is powered by Adidas. Pop Up Gym is a health and fitness movement that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle in a fun way. It is a current trend which demonstrates that you can train anywhere, anytime. As an entrepreneur I always try to find a link between my passion for profitable ventures that have a positive effect on society. As a result I’ve partnered with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs in creating Family Fitness gyms which focus on affordable township gyms for the whole family.

About myself, hmmm… where do I start?

  • I believe in being intentional with everything I do and to always have an end goal in mind.

  • I hail from a small township called Lamontville in Durban.

  • I come from a family of six, my Mom and Dad are my pillars of strength and I am the youngest of four girls. Being the youngest, I’ve always been afforded an opportunity to express my individuality by my siblings and parents – something I’ve always treasured. I guess that’s why, out of all my siblings who are academics, I became a DJ and I’m loving it. 

  • I’m not only a DJ, by the way, I’m also an entrepreneur. I have a company called ‘Sisters on the Move’ which focuses on empowering women through collaborations. A lot more is happening in this company which I will elaborate on in my next blog.  

  • I am fearless, a dream chaser, ambition driven, kind hearted and a speak-my-mind kinda girl.

  • Oh, I nearly forgot, I also tend to cook up a storm in the kitchen. 



In all the health and fitness activities I’ve been engaged in, I’ve come to realise that your health is your only true wealth, accompanied of course by a sound mind.


Cheers, until next time!





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