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POSTED 2020/03/26

11 ways to celebrate yourself

Hard work and discipline are not the only requirements for success. It takes a lot of patience! You have survived your life thus far and with your ambition, we bet that you will be successful. But instead of waiting for that big moment, take the time to celebrate yourself NOW, because you deserve it!

We have pulled together a list of simple ways you can celebrate your uniqueness and how far you have come. Small successes are important too!

Food feast

Have that cake! Whether you like sparkles, sprinkles, or just the icing. Indulging in an Instagram-worthy cupcake or slice shouldn’t be reserved for a select few.

You can also try a new recipe. Whether it’s a recipe you mother always used to make, or if it’s from Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients, spoil yourself with a meal you will thoroughly enjoy and pair it with your favourite Delush Natural Sweet wine.

Dessert is spelt with 2 s’s because it’s so sweet, and you always want more. Try an out-of-the-ordinary ice cream flavour or go wild with a decadent crème brûlée or something fancy you cannot pronounce.

Share the love

Everyone has tips and tricks to share. Why not write a blog post to share your story. Even if you don’t have a website, post it on Instagram and empower your following.

We know it’s old school, but when was the last time you wrote a letter on paper. Image the surprise and delight if your BFF received a hand-written letter from you. Write about anything: how and why you appreciate your friendship, three life lesson you want to share, your favourite quote, a list of your favourite movies… be creative.

Back to the future, phone someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Maybe it’s your grandma, and old school friend, or even one of your siblings. We know life gets crazy and it’s super easy to get warped in our own stuff. Don’t forget those who have helped you along the way.

Focus on yourself

You don’t have to go all Marie Kondo-vibes, but rearranging your room, apartment or house can make a tremendous impact. Try something new, see things from a new angle (excuse the pun), and play interior designer. Maybe you’ll convince yourself to buy that new mirror or throw pillows. Everyone deserves in Instagram-able haven.

Frame it! Whether it’s graduating, buying your first car, getting a promotion, or even paying off debt, why not make a big deal of it. Seeing the photo might just be the pepper-upper you need on a Monday morning to spark the motivation you need for the rest of the week.

Try a new lipstick colour. You are not reinventing yourself, you just enhancing your beauty. And we say flaunt it! It might be scary to maybe go for a bold summary pink if you are used to natural colours and people will notice the change. But your BFF will never allow you to look like a clown anyway. If it’s a go from you and your bestie, flaunt it, girl!

Create a new playlist. Go through all the songs you currently have and who knows, maybe you will remember an old favourite you have forgotten about. Better yet, explore a new genre you will not normally listen to, such as French Café Jazz, Classical Dubstep, best of the ’80s, etc.

Dance! Even if it’s in your own living room. Play some jazzy tunes, cook up a storm, dance to the beat (like in the movies) and sip on your favourite Delush Natural Sweet wine. Girl, you deserve having a good time!

There are numerous other ways to celebrate who you are and how far you have come! These are just a few of our favourite ideas. And the best part is Delush Wines is always there.

We would love to hear from you! How do you celebrate yourself? Tag us on social media @DelushWines.

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